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Barnwood lumber

Barn wood lumber, often salvaged from historic structures, carries a unique and timeless charm that captivates both homeowners and builders alike. Its appeal lies in the rustic, weathered patina that tells the story of years of exposure to the elements. This aged appearance brings a sense of character and authenticity to interior and exterior spaces.

One of the primary appeals of barn wood lumber is its versatility. It's sought after for a variety of applications, including flooring, wall paneling, ceiling beams, furniture, and décor. Its rugged aesthetic adds warmth and personality to modern, industrial, or rustic designs, making it a favored choice for creating inviting and visually stunning spaces.


Whether used to craft a reclaimed wood dining table, accent wall, or farmhouse-style kitchen cabinets, barn wood lumber evokes a connection to the past while serving as a key element in contemporary interior and architectural designs. Its enduring popularity is a testament to its ability to harmoniously blend history with modern style.

If you want to learn more, feel free to hop on over to the Rustic Ranch USA blog and check out our article on barn wood and how you can use it to craft timeless stories in modern design!

Come check out our variety of different barnwood lumber materials. Bring your vehicle or trailer, and we will load you up or we can deliver to you*.

Wood type
Barnwood (Brown, Grey, Mixed)
As Is
Barnwood (Brown, Grey, Mixed)
Brush Sanded
Brush Sanded
As Is

* Delivery Charges Apply

Other wood processes will be available in the near future

* * Prices listed per board foot

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