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Our Story

My son and I embarked on a journey of crafting sheds, shelters, and outbuildings during our tenure in Indiana. Collaborating closely with a diverse and remarkable community, our efforts centered around fostering an inclusive and empowering haven for disabled veterans, employing the medium of wood. Our aspiration resides in the creation of exquisite, artisanal structures that seamlessly marry contemporary innovation with time-honored methodologies and aesthetics. Having established our residence in the serene landscapes of Edmonton, Kentucky, we proudly christen our endeavor as "Rustic Ranch USA."

Our Crew
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Mark S. 
Designer | Builder | Owner

Mark  is a retired US Army Combat Veteran (Medic) that loves to work with and help other veterans and those in need. He has several years experience developing programs to help veterans in the areas of education, employment and access to healthcare.

He holds a Master of Fine Arts in Art and Anthropology of Art from Goddard College and has exhibited works nationally. His artistic skills have turned towards woodworking and designing beautifully crafted structures unlike those that are mass produced.


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Chris A.
Designer | Builder

Chris is a talented woodworker who began learning while living in Indiana. A capable and skilled builder - Chris has designed and build projects ranging in size and complexity.

Chris's interests are wide and diverse. He is a skilled musician (guitar, bass, drums, electronic) and has experience in music composition, recording and mixing. Chris has also worked with and helped disabled veterans along with his father.

Honor the Fallen by Continuing to Serve”

- Gov. Eric Greitens
US Navy SEAL & Founder of The Mi
ssion Continues
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