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Why Do Goats Love to Climb? Should You Provide Climbing Structures to your Goats?

crazy goat climbing

Goats, those charming, capricious, and often mischievous creatures. If you're a goat farmer or maybe grew up on a farm, you've probably noticed they have a tendency to end up on top of any object that is willing to hold them.

Your car, sheds maybe a tree.

Yes, they certainly have a unique and endearing habit - they LOVE to climb. They seemly just can't resist the urge. And, I'm sure, like myself, you've probably wondered "why".

Well, it's deeply ingrained in their nature, and while it may seem playful and quirky, climbing actually serves several essential purposes for these intelligent and agile animals. In this article, I'll talk a bit about why goats have this obsession with climbing and why it's SUPER important to provide them with stimulating but safe obstacles to scale.

The Natural Instinct to Climb

goats in a tree
Nothing will stop their need for feed

Goats' love for climbing is rooted in their ancestry as wild and agile mountain-dwelling animals. In their natural habitat, goats would scale steep, rocky terrain in search of lush vegetation that was otherwise inaccessible to other grazing animals. This instinctual behavior enabled them to access a diverse range of food sources, ensuring their survival.

The Many Reasons Why Goats Climb

goats climbing stone walls
Zero respect for gravity

1. Foraging: Climbing allows goats to reach higher branches, leaves, and shrubs, expanding their menu and ensuring they get the most nutritious bites.

2. Exercise: Climbing, jumping, and balancing on structures provide goats with much-needed physical exercise, helping them develop strong muscles and agility.

3. Mental Stimulation: Goats are intelligent and curious animals. Climbing offers mental stimulation and prevents boredom, which can lead to destructive behaviors in captivity. Again, if you're a farmer with goats or grew up on a farm you know what I'm talking about. Bored goats leads to chewing on wooden dividers and finding unsecured gates to open to find food.

4. Social Interaction: Climbing often becomes a social activity for goats. They compete for the highest spot on a rock or platform, strengthening social bonds and hierarchies within the herd. Ever notice how proud and accomplished a goat looks when it's standing above the rest? They almost have a "Look at how cool of a goat I am" look to them.

5. Escape and Safety: In the wild, goats use their climbing skills to evade predators. Even today, they may instinctively seek elevated positions for safety.

6. Temperature Regulation: Climbing structures can offer relief from hot ground temperatures, particularly in arid regions, where goats can avoid direct contact with scorching ground surfaces.

Why Provide Climbing Structures?

goat climbing platform
Not sure what the traffic light is for because goats clearly can't be stopped

Understanding why goats love to climb sheds light on the importance of providing them with suitable climbing structures. Since the animals are no longer in their ancestral environment, you need to provide them with structures that can mimic their environment so they can still get that mental and physical stimulation and allow them to express themselves in the unique way that they do.

Plus, it can't be stressed enough that it's really important to keep these smart Aleks preoccupied. The moment they think they're being underrated, they seemingly find a way to remind you that they are very smart. Like searching for weak spots in fences. While it's nice that they went out of their way to point out a potential need for fence maintenance, it's never fun to notice your goats are no where to be found only to see them chowing down in a neighbor's field.

Custom Outbuildings Made in Kentucky

Types of Climbing Structures

goats climbing on tire stack
Goats never tire of climbing

Creating a goat-friendly environment means incorporating suitable climbing structures into their living space. Options include:

1. Wooden Platforms: Sturdy wooden platforms at varying heights can mimic the rocky outcrops goats love to explore.

2. Large Rocks or Boulders: Natural rocks and boulders provide both climbing and lounging spots.

3. Tire Stacks: Stacking old tires securely offers a safe and versatile climbing option.

4. Tree Stumps: Tree stumps or logs can be arranged to form steps or platforms.

5. Custom Structures: For those with creative flair, custom-built climbing structures can cater to your goats' specific preferences and needs.

mountain goat climbing
Goats will rule the world

Goats' inclination to climb is more than just a quirky habit; it's deeply rooted in their biology and history. Providing them with appropriate climbing structures not only meets their natural needs but also enhances their physical and mental well-being. So, if you're a goat owner or considering adopting these delightful creatures, remember to add some climbing adventures to their daily routine – they'll thank you with their boundless energy and infectious enthusiasm. And don't forget! It really does help keep them out of trouble! So, it's a stress reliever for both of you!


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