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with ANY purchase of a Rustic Ranch USA Chicken Coop

We're gonna be honest, folks. We've got chickens. Lots of 'em. However, we also have beautiful, rustic style, chicken coops! So, we figured, what's a chicken coop without chickens? That's why we are offering FREE silkie chickens with any purchase of a chicken coop crafted by Rustic Ranch USA.


Q: What is a silkie chicken?

A: In short, it's a smaller chicken breed that doesn't really have feathers. No, they aren't like a hairless cat or anything like that. Instead of your typical feather plumage they have more of a soft silkie hair-like plumage. You can read more about them here at the Rustic Ranch USA Blog.

Q: ANY chicken coop purchase? What if I want a custom coop?

A: Yes! Any coop! Even a custom coop. You tell us what your needs are. You want electrical hook ups for lights or heaters? You got it! Feeder or waterers? Say no more. Whatever your chicken coop needs are, we've got you covered. It's just what we do!

Head over to the structures store to get an idea of what we can provide or, if you have any questions feel free to contact us today!

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